Two Signs You Could Have a Cavity

dentistIf you’ve been experiencing some pain and discomfort in your mouth, there is a possibility that you could be dealing with a cavity. While you don’t want to hear the word cavity, they can appear for various different reasons and need to be treated right away. For some, the tiny hole may seem like nothing more than a blemish, but if they are not treated effectively, they can turn into more complex issues that could include serious pain, an infection, or even the loss of your tooth. The good news however, is that cavities can be treated fairly easily if caught early on. Below are a few symptoms you should watch out for.


One of the first signs that there could be a cavity present in your mouth is the feeling of pain. While you can sometimes feel discomfort in the mouth, if the pain is consistent and remains in one spot this is a sign that your tooth could be starting to decay. While scheduling an appointment with a dentist is important, you can take some over the counter pain medications in the meantime to ease the swelling and discomfort.


If you suddenly feel a throbbing pain in your mouth when you eat or drink extremely hot or cold things, this is another sign that something is going wrong with your oral health. The nerves in your teeth have become sensitive to temperatures, which likely means that decaying has begun. Try to avoid extreme temperature foods and again, contact a dentist right away.

Seeing a dentist right away is advised to prevent the cavity from getting worse. Untreated cavities can turn into an infection and begin spreading to other teeth. This could result in the need for invasive surgeries or the replacement of your teeth altogether. So if you’ve experienced any of these signs above, contact your Dentist Murrieta office soon.